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Chisholm Trail Partners with Dallas Hot Spot to Offer Guests Natural, Healthier Meat Options

Lower Greenville’s trendy Company Café to use healthy, grass-fed beef as part of its natural, fresh fare

Dallas - June 14, 2011 – Texans’ taste buds can’t seem to get enough of Chisholm Trail Longhorn Beef’s tastier, healthier red meat selection. Earlier this year, Chisholm Trail partnered with Texas Daily Harvest to offer home-delivery of its products, and now the beef co-op is announcing its partnership with Company Café, an up-and-coming comfort food restaurant located in Dallas’ Lower Greenville area, to offer grass-fed longhorn beef to restaurant patrons.

Company Café, the first restaurant venture for owners Stephen White and Chris Cowan, is a new comfort food café in Dallas that serves local and organic menu items including farm-fresh eggs, grass-fed and pastured meats, local produce, farm-fresh dairy, raw cheeses and gluten-free baked goods. The café aims to break the stereotype of bland, wholesome foods and provides an everyday place to find nutritious, creative and delicious dishes.

“We couldn’t be more excited to offer Dallas restaurant-goers a new location to enjoy our nutritious longhorn beef,” said Mike Crawford, a Chisholm Trail partner. “Everyone is looking for ways to eat healthier, and Company Café is quickly becoming one of Dallas’ top spots to grab the best-tasting dishes that won’t break your diet. In a city where many restaurants are hopping on the local food bandwagon, we’re happy to partner with one that is actually providing guests natural dishes with local ingredients – like our grass-fed beef.”

Unlike ordinary beef cattle, Chisholm Trail longhorns are raised on family ranches across Texas where longhorns are free to roam and graze in open pastures and thrive without added hormones or unnecessary antibiotics. Because of their natural diet and free-roaming activity, Chisholm Trail’s pasture-raised longhorns produce naturally healthy red meat, providing Company Café tasty beef for its dishes with a natural, fresh twist on everyday comfort foods.

“We are always looking to enrich people’s lives and healthy eating habits by having a wide variety of natural and organic products to enjoy without sacrificing flavor,” said Stephen White, Company Café co-owner. “Chisholm Trail beef fits in well with our mission to provide clean comfort food to our guests through a true home-away-from-home dining experience.”

With only 141 calories per 3-ounce serving, 4 grams of fat and 49 milligrams of cholesterol, Chisholm Trail longhorn beef has less fat, cholesterol and calories than almost any other meat or poultry available. For those following the popular Paleo Diet, which requires more meat consumption, or others just looking for healthier meat choices, pasture-raised longhorn beef serves as a leaner alternative to chicken, turkey, lamb, pork and venison and is a great source for nutrients like protein, iron, vitamins B6 and B12, zinc, selenium and omega-3 fatty acids.

In addition to Company Café, Chisholm Trail Longhorn Beef can be found on the menus of Dallas’ Opa! Grill, Austin’s Chez Zee and The University of Texas’ Executive Chef, and the club restaurant at the Four Seasons Resort and Club in Las Colinas. Shoppers can also find Chisholm Trail Longhorn Beef available for purchase at Natural Health Shop, Ann’s Health Food Center and Herb Mart. Additionally, Texas Daily Harvest offers delivery of products to locations and communities across North Texas.

About Chisholm Trail Longhorn Beef
Chisholm Trail Longhorn Beef is a rancher-owned and -operated cooperative that raises longhorns locally on family ranches around Texas. Chisholm Trail longhorns graze in pastures and thrive without added hormones or unnecessary antibiotics, placing far less stress on the natural environment than grain-fed cattle raised on factory farms. Chisholm Trail partners are focused on providing delicious red meat for healthy eaters and educating people on the nutritional significance of longhorn beef. For more information, visit

About Company Café
Company Café is a new restaurant located in famous Lower Greenville near downtown Dallas that offers natural, fresh fare. Company Café is passionate about providing great tasting comfort food with a healthy, organic twist. The restaurant is located at 2217 Greenville Avenue. For more information, visit