Answers from the trail.

How can I order Chisholm Trail for my restaurant or store?

Easy. Contact our chief ranch hand.


Where can consumers find Chisholm Trail?

Click here to see a list of local stores and restaurants that carry Chisholm Trail. If your favorite spot isn’t listed, be sure to ask your store manager to start carrying it.


What does your beef taste like?

Chisholm Trail Grass-fed Beef tastes just like the juicy beef you know and love, just without all the greasiness.

If Chisholm Trail is so lean, won’t I sacrifice taste?

Actually no. Eating our beef, you’ll likely taste more beef and less grease than you would with ordinary beef. The secret to the great flavor is juiciness. Chisholm Trail Grass-fed Beef has a higher moisture content than any other beef you can find. So when people talk about a juicy steak or burger, they might as well talk about our beef as the gold standard.

What makes Chisholm Trail Grass-fed Beef so healthy?

For starters, it’s the low fat, cholesterol and calorie content, but that’s not all. Our beef is packed with many of the nutrients required for a healthy, active lifestyle, including protein, iron, zinc, phosphorus, niacin, riboflavin, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. And of course, we raise our cattle without unnecessary antibiotics or added hormones.

How should I prepare Chisholm Trail?

Cooking Chisholm Trail Grass-fed Beef is simple. Actually, it cooks even faster than ordinary beef. Click here for delicious recipes and cooking instructions.

Is your beef all-natural?

Yes, Chisholm Trail Grass-fed Beef is all-natural. Our ranchers do not use added hormones or unnecessary antibiotics.

Is Chisholm Trail certified as organic?

Chisholm Trail beef is not certified organic; however, every Chisholm Trail ranch raises animals that are 100% free-roaming, grass-fed or pasture-raised.