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Adding Longhorn Beef to Diet Welcomes Essential Nutrients, Creates a Better Path to Healthy Living, Nutritionist Says


  • Nutritionist: Longhorn beef helps stimulate growth of lean muscle tissue
  • Longhorn beef contains nutritional qualities not found in other foods
  • In a 3.6 oz. serving, Longhorn beef contains 140 calories, 3.7 grams of fat


Dallas – Oct. 20, 2009 – Texas’ own Chisholm Trail Longhorn Beef offers food lovers a lean, delicious red meat selection that’s healthier than ordinary beef, pork, lamb and most cuts of chicken. The Texas Co-op has been spreading the word about how all-natural, pasture-raised Texas longhorn beef can positively impact your diet without sacrificing your favorite red meat meals. At only 140 calories per 3.6-ounce serving, 3.7 grams of fat and 81.5 grams of cholesterol, a lean, pasture-raised longhorn steak has less fat, cholesterol and calories than almost any other meat or poultry available. The natural Texas Longhorn diet creates a great source for nutrients like protein, iron, vitamins B6 and B12, zinc, selenium and omega-3 fatty acids that contribute to a healthier heart and immune system. Nutritional professionals see the benefits, too.


Chisholm Trail Longhorn Beef ( is raised on family ranches across Texas where longhorns are free to roam and graze in open pastures. Unlike ordinary beef cattle, Chisholm Trail longhorns are not grain-fed and thrive without added hormones or unnecessary antibiotics. Because of their natural diet and free-roaming activity, Chisholm Trail’s pasture-raised longhorns give food lovers a leaner, healthier red meat than ordinary beef from factory farms.


Cliff Sheats, Ph.D., CCN, DANLA, FRSPH, is one of America’s foremost authorities on nutrition, exercise and biological aging as well as a world-renowned authority on effective and permanent weight loss. Sheats, author of the Lean Bodies program as well as his new program, New Body Blueprint, teaches people around the world how to improve their health without drugs (lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, improve blood sugar, defeat depression and chronic fatigue, etc.) while cranking up their metabolism and muscle growth. His New Body Blueprint plan shows individuals how they can “ignite their metabolic furnace” by eating more and eating more often. As Sheats explains to clients, all-natural longhorn beef fits right into his dietary plan.


“Muscle is the human body’s fountain of youth, and I’m really passionate about grass-fed, lean, high quality beef because of its ability to help stimulate the growth of lean muscle tissue as well as provide a safe way to add complete proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, B12 and other nutrients into your diet,” Sheats said. “I can’t find one thing bad about good quality, lean beef – specifically longhorn beef that’s pasture fed. With clients that eat mainly fish and chicken, I encourage them to bring longhorn beef into their diet to see the positive effects it can have on workouts. Longhorn beef is a great source of iron, and with that dietary addition, their energy levels go up, they recover better between sets and muscle mass increases. I recommend it to my clients all the time, and they can really see the difference.”


While Sheats notes the benefits of adding longhorn beef to the average person’s diet, he signifies the advantages of adding it to the diet of individuals with health concerns, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and depression. Ordinary, grain-fed beef lacks the nutritional qualities and health benefits that come from longhorn cattle consuming healthy Texas grasses. Longhorns generally feed on grass that is high on omega-3s like in fish. Sheats said the longhorns’ healthy diet, in turn, provides a strong source for nutrients like omega-3s that help drive down inflammation all over the human body.


“Adding the healthy, friendly essential fats for cell wall integrity; lowering the bad cholesterol, triglyceride and blood sugar levels; raising the good cholesterol – you’re going to find all of that is possible by adding omega-3s, like those found in pasture-raised longhorn beef, to your diet,” Sheats said. “By putting good, healthy food into your system, the quality of life of Type II diabetics or people with high cholesterol and blood pressure can improve dramatically. And the best part with Longhorn beef is that it tastes great. With the proper diet and exercise plan, now you can eat beef, totally guilt-free, and really watch your blood chemistry and body composition improve.””


Sheats is a New York Times’ Top 10 Best-selling author and has been a featured speaker for several Fortune 500 companies. He’s appeared on CNN, Food Network and “CBS Evening News” and had his program featured in publications that include “Publisher’s Weekly,” “Cosmopolitan,” “Women’s Health and Fitness” and “Allure.” For more information on Sheats and his New Body Blueprint program, visit



About Chisholm Trail Longhorn Beef


Chisholm Trail Longhorn Beef is a rancher-owned and -operated cooperative that raises longhorns locally on family ranches around Texas. Chisholm Trail longhorns graze in pastures and thrive without added hormones or unnecessary antibiotics, placing far less stress on the natural environment than grain-fed cattle raised on factory farms. Chisholm Trail partners are focused on providing delicious red meat for healthy eaters and educating people on the nutritional significance of longhorn beef. For more information, visit