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Chisholm Trail Longhorn Beef Provides Tastier, Healthier Red Meat Selection to New Dallas Area Location


Dallas – July 14, 2010 – Chisholm Trail Longhorn Beef has been delighting meat eaters with its tastier, healthier red meat selection since May 2009. In early March it became available for the first time to at-home chefs and now Chisholm Trail Longhorn Beef ( is partnering with Dallas-area health food store Natural Health Shop, to provide multiple locations for health-conscious eaters to purchase nutritious red-meat to enjoy in their favorite home-cooked meals.

“We couldn’t be more excited to offer consumers new ways to enjoy our nutritious longhorn beef,” said Mike Crawford, a Chisholm Trail Longhorn Beef partner. “Whether you like to eat healthy or just like to eat, longhorn beef allows you to get all of the vitamins and nutrients you need without sacrificing at breakfast, lunch and dinner. World-class chefs have added Chisholm Trail Longhorn Beef to their menus and now, thanks to Natural Health Shop, at-home chefs can do the same.”

Unlike ordinary beef cattle, Chisholm Trail longhorns are raised on family ranches across Texas where longhorns are free to roam and graze in open pastures and thrive without added hormones or unnecessary antibiotics. Because of their natural diet and free-roaming activity, Chisholm Trail’s pasture-raised longhorns produce food lovers with better-tasting, healthier red meat than ordinary, grain-fed beef from factory farms.

“We are always looking for natural products that will enrich peoples’ lives and healthy eating habits,” said Dia Sleigh, partner, Natural Health Shop. “Chisholm Trail Longhorn Beef meets these criteria through the pasture-raised longhorns with no added hormones and we are pleased to offer such a quality meat to our customers.”

Pasture-raised longhorn beef serves as a leaner alternative to chicken, turkey, lamb, pork and venison. At only 140 calories per 3.6-ounce serving, 3.7 grams of fat and 81.5 grams of cholesterol, a lean, pasture-raised longhorn steak has less fat, cholesterol and calories than almost any other meat or poultry available. It also serves as a great source for nutrients like protein, iron, vitamins B6 and B12, zinc, selenium and omega-3 fatty acids. Nutritionists including Cliff Sheats, Ph.D., CCN, DANLA, FRSPH – one of America’s foremost authorities on nutrition, exercise and biological aging – encourage clients to eat pasture-raised longhorn beef to help boost energy levels, stimulate the growth of lean muscle tissue, drive down inflammation and lower cholesterol, triglyceride and blood sugar levels.

Natural Health Shop is a health food store that offers a variety of healthy living products. They are family owned and operated and provide personalized service and quality products at discounted prices. Their tailored customer service includes shipping health products anywhere in the United States. Food lovers also can find healthy, great-tasting Chisholm Trail Longhorn Beef on the menus of Dallas’ Opa! Grill, Austin’s Chez Zee and The University of Texas’ Executive Chef, Houston’s new Zelko Bistro and Café on the Green and the club restaurant at the Four Seasons Resort and Club in Las Colinas. To learn more about the restaurants and stores currently serving Chisholm Trail Longhorn Beef, see unique longhorn beef recipes or view nutritional facts, visit the Chisholm Trail Longhorn Beef site at


About Chisholm Trail Longhorn Beef
Chisholm Trail Longhorn Beef is a rancher-owned and -operated cooperative that raises longhorns locally on family ranches around Texas. Chisholm Trail longhorns graze in pastures and thrive without added hormones or unnecessary antibiotics, placing far less stress on the natural environment than grain-fed cattle raised on factory farms. Chisholm Trail partners are focused on providing delicious red meat for healthy eaters and educating people on the nutritional significance of longhorn beef.


About Natural Health Shop
Natural Health Shop is a health food store with an extensive selection of supplements, groceries, books, beauty care and sports nutrition products. It is located in Richardson, Texas at the intersection of Coit & Roundrock. For more information, visit